13 Roses – Sacred Sexuality FREE CALL

This is an opportunity for those of you who are interested in the next 13 ROSES - RE-DISCOVERING your sacred sexual self; A deep healing journey into your sexuality.

I will be discussing all the details of the course, including the profound impact it has had on the current participants. Those who are currently undertaking the course will be also sharing their experiences with you all.

This call will allow you to ask any questions that may be coming up before you embark on this journey.

The right of initiation into The Thirteen Roses of the sacred sexual self is every woman’s birth right. The power of her yoni, womb and heart is already hers.

This course will be Begin on the morning of the 11th JANUARY 2020 and end on the evening of 11th OCTOBER 2020. This course is a big soul commitment and will take you very deep into healings and make significant changes to your relationships and love of yourself. It is therefor vital that you commit FULLY to the course into its completion. You will be held very tightly and lovingly as you move through the intense practices. The month donation will be £233 per month.

There will be an option for those who complete this full course to be called to take part in a retreat, to use the materials with other women, in assisting with their own Sacred Sexual Self.

The world needs women to step forward and heal their sacred sexual self, from their past lives, this life and for the future of all women. The course will also open you up to relate more deeply with the masculine and attract a male who is also wanting to connect to a woman who's sexuality is deeply rooted in sacredness.


Or join us on our call Monday 6th January 2020 21:00 (UTC+1) via ZOOM