I have over the years absolutely LOVED doing archetype work. Why? because it has really assisted me in undertanding my patterns of behaviours , my thoughts, the voices that sabotage me , the actions that have caused upset in my life, the situations that i have got into.

With Archetype work I really began to understand the archetypes that played out and how they held me back, made me stuck, get into repeated patterns, made me live in a low vibrational consciousness and out of my God given right to abundance.

I recently committed to an even deeper delve into the shadow behaviours of the survival archetypes and it has changed many things for me. I was able to end a pattern from the prostitute that has had me living in lack.

In this 4 week online course:

-I will share with you the behaviours of the 4 basic survival archetypes.

-How they behave

-How to identify their voice

-Highlight how they are negatively impacting your life

- How to change the patterns


There are four Survival archetypes that symbolize both our major life challenges, strengths and how we choose to survive.

The Child – responsibility, innocence, authority
The Victim – personal power, self-esteem
The Prostitute – faith, negotiation, integrity
The Saboteur – choice, truth, self-esteem

Knowing these archetypes can be life changing, behaviour altering and allow us to access our true underlying power when.


Collette will lead you through the four archetypes, with daily personal guidance as to how these are working with you and against you, highlighting identify their shadow behaviours and how they can create chaos and disharmony in your life.

Week 1- The Child
Week 2 -The Victim
Week 3 -The Prostitute
Week 4 -The Saboteur

There will be a weekly video/ transmission so you can understand the archetype, how it operates and event the voice it uses. Followed by practical exercises to really support you in taking action against the shadow behaviours. There will be a visible transformation!

€444 (if you are doing any of my other courses. Payment- bank transfer/ revolt.)

Looking forward to guiding you all through this one xxx