Becoming Real — Descending

BE REAL, BE TRUTHFUL, PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH, FEEL WHAT’S REALLY GOING ON with you … This energy after the recent moon is strong! There is lots going on for all of us. Our SHADOW SIDE is really grabbing us by the ear and leading us into situations that do not take us down the right path.

The shadow of the self is very important work to do for anyone that is on a path of inner exploration. It is so important to not only be doing the work with someone who can catch you out of your own ego, denial, deceit and avoidance, but to be implementing the realisations in some form of change in your life. I have found in my work with this side of myself, the deepest and the most liberating and showing of all. I had spent years previously imagining 'figures of light' and bypassing the deeper work because it was easier to be positive and happy. Little did I know the real damage I was doing to my soul and how I was delaying my healing! It is only when I started to work with my shadow side, see it, feel it, know its motives and act against it could I embody more ‘happiness’ more ‘light’ and only then did real changes occur in my life, real liberation, freedom and self empowerment.

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You can have all the knowledge in the world but if you avoid going through and living the theories and realisations then you are not embodying. The shadow gathers in those who talk the talk ... it gathers momentum until itself gathers enough energy to become its own creation, in this energetic form you create havoc in your own life. You make bad choices, take decisions that impact you for a long time and make it even harder for you to dig out of the shadow pit. 

The spiritual community has become very dangerous with its ways of preaching 'higher consciousness' with individuals bypassing their truth, how they feel, how they behave, pretending and hiding in statements like “let it go”, “ be at peace", “one love”, “you are not your story”, “smile!” and many other statements that bypass the true ability of a human in his/her suffering. This has stopped people healing, prevented people from feeling what they have supressed for years. Anger has become the enemy and unhappiness stuck over with a band aid of positive emotion affirmations.

Aspiring to be gurus, those imagining they are light beings, avatars and all manner of things- really do reflect a place where they are avoiding their HUMANNESS. I see it so often people talking about such high levels of consciousness, that I would guarantee if you were to look into their lives that there is an avoidance of their own misery and the lack of love in it. I am so saddened by my news feed showing the suicides of many teachers/preachers who in these dizzy heights of imagining what can only be called a delusion, fall from a great height into the truth of their real self. So sad.

The delusions of the self have been deeply detrimental to a movement that was supposed to inspire evolvement of the soul to love and truth. I see only a few teachers now who have acquired a level of ‘enlightenment’ or ‘Enrealment’ as Jeff Brown so truthfully puts it, and non of these are talking about their avatar body, or that they are working in ‘the dimensions’! They are completely grounded in their body, they have taken their knowledge, lived it, experienced it, owned it , in their HUMAN BODY. They have quietly gone deeper with God and embodied it so that they and do work here in the real world. Physical actions against what is happening in these crazy times, not just talk. ACTION.

Its time to get real, its time to stop bypassing, its time to stop escaping!

Ask yourself:
What is really happening for me right now in my life?
Where am I lying to myself?
Why am I lying to myself?
What am I avoiding?
How have I been acting in my shadow lately?
Do I have people who tell me the truth and pull me up on my behaviour?
Do I listen?

I adore the work of Andrew Harvey and Jeff Brown and wish to share this video of true spiritual masters, embodied and grounded and very much in action.

Posted by Jeff Brown on Sunday, 27 January 2019

Collette Oonah Corcoran