Chakra Evolution Online course

7 month emotional healing course

This course has been born from my own deep connection to my chakra system and intensive shadow work with my Teacher. I guide people daily, one to one via physical contact, online sessions and in general messages I get for help! (I can't keep up with them! And feel so much compassion for those who want to deepen into a journey of finding them self!) Knowing what holds them back - what they need to do to move forward, can be frustrating as I don't always have the time to help them as much as I would like to. So this was born - a place where I could share practices with all kinds of people, to journey into their ‘self’ and feel into what holds them back. My desire is for all people to LIVE TO THEIR FULL SOULS POTENTIAL!

My gift in feeling people and reading people stems from these central energy centres. I am also able to retrieve key soul pieces for clients, see and feel into past life karmas and incidents that have held them back in this life. I can detect darkness and feel into the energies that hold onto people's wounds and intrude into their feeling states. I receive specific meditations and practices to take individuals deeper into what they are experiencing, that will further assist them. I feel people! and my souls path is to bring people back into their deeper connection with soul and source; allowing for a richer and fuller life.
Each month we will embark on a journey through each chakra . You will be given information on each of the chakras to read. You will learn so much about these centres and how important they are to your overall physical, emotional and mental health. There will be set meditations and yoga asanas to do EVERY DAY!

Each chakra practice has the same content:
- Pranayama
- 5 yoga asanas
- Chakra mantra
- Chakra affirmations

- Emotional wounding of each chakra,
Inner child, timeline healing
emotional release
shadow work,
ancestral healing,
soul connection,
ego eradication,
heart connection,
radical truth,
accessing the psychic self,
connecting to The Beloved and guides.

- Mediation / energy work

If other things come up then they will be added! You will receive daily guidance from myself and in some cases an assistant who has done extensive work on themselves and have taken this journey in a previous course. I have spent 24 years on a spiritual path and gained knowledge and experience from many teachers and practises. I am excited to share this knowledge with you all and allow you to take your own natural ability to self heal and navigate your own amazingly beautiful self!

£175 per month.