Diamond Crown Activation

Friday 10th January 21:00pm (UTC+1)

The Alta major chakra is known as THE GATE OF GOD, it is a chakra that has been been hidden from the everyday man , due to its potency. 

For many years this was apart of my every day meditation and opened portals to my psychic awareness and doors/ healings to my past lives in Egypt.

This portal allows the light body to enter the physical body ,which then activates the diamond body. Much happens in real time when this portal is activated, you begin to go beyond your physical body and into your higher consciousness, retrieving information that is helpful to you in the present moment. There is also a feeling of wearing an diamond crown, which is really useful for accessing your higher potential and protecting yourself from invading energies.

his transmission will connect you to and activate your Alta major chakra and the golden diamond crown. I will be giving this activation on the eclipse portal so that it impacts you on a deeper level. You will feel the impact of this activation for many days.

Recording is available to all who join us live and those who can't.

A private group on facebook will be opened and a pre- exercise will be published before the call .