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“It is only in the dark that our light can shine”

The energy is intense at the moment for all of us if you are doing work on the self. There are lots of triggers , lots of ‘old history’ coming up to be cleared, its showing you that what you thought you had cleared you haven’t! There are still remnants of the old you , the old wounds that brought you into certain situations are still playing out.

  • What behaviours have you hidden from yourself?
  • What wounds have the behaviours been covering? (know they are still very much being played out in this present time.)
  • What parts of you are still linked to those old situations?
  • What needs clearing ?
  • What emotions have you repressed over all this time?

This all needs some space and time if you are to once and for all clear up this pattern for good. The intensity of the energy is also very supportive of you and really does want you to shift, shift into a significantly different way of experiencing life. This shift will be very visible and you will find yourself in a completely different way of being once this has been cleared.

These wounds are very much linked to deeply entrenched ancestral patterns, things you have in the past pointed fingers at in your family or at your friends – know that they are playing out in you NOW.

What you have to do to stop this pattern takes a radical action, not half wishy washy attempts, but it acts you to STOP THOSE BEHAVIOURS DEAD, it ask you to actually do what you FEAR THE MOST. This will definitely not what you want (from the perspective of the ego) but undoubtedly what your SOUL needs.


I have noticed that the darker energies of this world are working and hooking into three main areas in our lives. I have noticed the same patterns in clients and those I work with to help overcome really difficult situations.

I have clairvoyantly seen the energies literally feeding off them and so I wish to share them with you all to help.The world is in a descent to illuminate the deeply entrenched programmes that have held us slaves to the system for so many years. They are feeding from the three main areas: FEAR DEFEATISM and DENIAL.

FEAR – where ever you fear, the energies will feed from you fear is their favourite food and they will have a field day when you start to act and live from fear rather than face and over come it. When you feel fear ( which remember is different from danger!) you must walk straight in the face of it and not allow it to stop you doing what you know you need to do. What you fear is what you need to do.

Ask yourself: What do you fear happening to you right now?

DEFEATISM- if you drop into the place where you feel defeated, where you feel like you can’t go on, or its too much or its ‘unfair’ or you just want to give on, they will have you for supper! When we succumb to these feelings we must recognise and feel the emotions underneath them ( they are linked to the ancestral patterns mentioned above) they will sabotage you , and prevent you from taking the action that you need to take.

Ask yourself: What do you fear happening to you right now?

DENIAL- As the world shadow rises so does yours. Know that you are not always right, know that you will tend to blame others rather than own it. Know that the love and light and positivity that you are using to hide the way things are will not serve you at all and that what you are avoiding will only come back and bite you. So where there is denial, explanation, defence try to open to what you are guarding, as it’s the very thing that you need to let go of!

Ask yourself: What are you guarding that you will defend, deny and guard.?


We have a new moon in Capricorn on 26th that will be a pivotal day in allowing you to feel the fullness of the work you have done with this. You will be feeling the places you haven’t forgiven yourself or others, where you are suspicious of behaviours and those who have tried to help you see. Lift these feelings by trying to be open to them. If you feel overwhelmed you are totally supported by mother nature, so take time to go for a walk, being near a river or flowing water will help to move. Try to feel that when these situations arise they are trying to remove the debris from your soul so that you can feel good!


This will be a portal where we really will feel the darkness that we have created. We can either be open to the darkness by opening up with what was shared above, or in a more resistant state we will be catapulted into a dark, difficult space, will all kind of problems showing themselves.


This is the opportunity to really feel the emotions of what you have been addressing, allow it all! This ‘wolf moon’ will allow you to really howl, let it all out , I promise it will clear space for you to bring in the new energies that await for those who have cleared out. Who needs another year of dealing with the same stuff ? No me either.

  • Have crystal clear boundaries.·
  • Know your shadow behaviour patterns and what you need to do to not fall prey to them.
  • Let people go.
  • Ask for what you want.
  • Speak your truth.
  • Have zero tolerance for anything that is not what your heart desires.

Please share this forecast with whoever you feel will benefit using this time to do some work on themselves that will have a lasting impact on them in 2020.


Collette Oonah Corcoran

Collette leads individuals, groups in online courses and one to one sessions in her Mystery School – The Sacred Rose Temple.

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