This is a body of work that delves in the dark feminine, into the common mythos, the common perceptions of these powerful female archetypes. Under each of their stories is a myth of the dark feminine that needs to be recognised within the self. When we can recognise the shadow aspects that are trying to be revealed within the dark feminine psyche, we can acknowledge them, emote and heal them. open to the lighter aspect that is sitting like gold with your feminine energy.

Eve is responsible for the notion of original sin, mistrust, temptation, disobedience, sexual liberty, freedom, etc, her mythos has much to teach us as a woman in both her shadow and her light. What is waiting to be retrieved in your subconscious as you reconnect to the EVE CODES that live within you?

Journey with us:

A (live or recorded) oral transmission - which will lead you through the dark mythos to reveal it within your self.

A Sacred Body transmissions to awaken the Lilith codes that you already hold.

A prayer and practice to open deeper into the feminine GOLD that awaits.

£99 will give you access to all the above.

£199 will allow you to enter a group and receive daily guidance and feedback from Collette who will use a range of Mind, Body, shadow modalities to take you much deeper into the healing.

£50 for those who are already working in my other containers of work ( groups and courses)