Looking for a deep feminine healing container where women come together over 7 weeks to heal

The feminine Pain body

Their view on their physical body

The identity they have trapped themselves in

Their inner child

The imprints they have taken on from their parents

Their relationships with the masculine

Their shadow behaviours

Their sexual self

This is a potent healing container and the women in the previous group have really seen signifiant shifts and profound openings.

We will only be a small intimate group, There will be

A weekly call

A daily practice (Weekly PDF)

A ROSE Yoga Sequence and class

Daily Guidance from Collette

Take a look at for testimonials and discussions from the women who have done the course.



I wanted to include this beautiful picture of Dana and her mother alongside the testimonial from her. Dana has gone through such a difficult time recently losing her Beloved mother, we all love her and support her fiercely through this time of deep grief. You are held and loved dear Sister.

"Highly recommend this course and all of Collettes work! She goes above and beyond and I love her dearly for all she has done for me and what I see her do for humanity. Her devotion is felt and she practices daily walking the path she talks. She inspires me daily this continues to encourage me. To be fully witnessed, seen and loved for all of me, this is what Collette courses give me and I can met myself in this place of learning to love myself. Unconditional love bringing the unloving parts of me and learning to love them that's an incredible feeling one I pray all of humanity learns how to be and love their true selves 🙏

I am doing this course presently and it's breaking down my unserving patterns, behaviors in an environment where I am feeling safe and secure, heard and seen. This course, with Collette Corcoran guideance is allowing me to reveal the real me, I hold many personas masks of me depending on the company that surrounds me and kinda lost who I really am. I have been hiding behind a hurt inner child and I didn't realise until this course how much my inner child rules my life and I am feeling myself become empower in being able to hold myself, listen and nurture my needs as my inner child is healing I am stepping up into the woman I am. I have been working with Collette for 3 years now and each of her courses have transformed me immensly into better versions of myself but this child peice is a big piece I have never wanted to feel.

I am so blessed and grateful Collette has come into my life as she has helped me to meet myself and find my love and strength as I have been in turmoil and living in more fear then I ever realised processing and navigating life with my mum whom has had cancer and that I love more than myself, she was my life and I feared that I would be lost without her. After a 6 year battle with cancer my mum died less then two months ago. Collette guided me through this process and I realise that death can be beautiful in facing my fears and remaining as present as I can be with love in my heart as crushing as it was to experience I have never felt such deep love and felt unconditional love for my mum towards the end expressing my heart to her. I can honestly say without Collette in my life I would be an absolute mess and completely broken, I am at days but I can't imagine a day with knowing the tools and knowledge that has been shared with me over the years. The thought of losing my mum has been my worse fear to face. With mothers day approaching in Australia this weekend I miss my mum so much and feeling my deep hurt (not suppressing my feelings and emotions which is what I did before I met Collette) where the magic lays in this work is when we don't suppress how we feel we firstly acknowledged and then allow the hurt to rise and FEEL the depths of it then have this witnesses and it's this that brings me healing and growth and in feeling my grieve my heart is opening up to the love that surrounds me. It's a daily process and I thank God I met Collette and said yes to the first course as I use to hate myself and now I love who I am. It's so nice to finally see, hear, honor and accept myself. DANA

The course is £900 if paid upfront


4x £250 monthly payments

Please message Collette (colletteoonahcorcoran@gmail) or thorough the contact form to discuss taking a place on for this work xxx