Feminine Rose Alchemy Series

Rose Alchemy works with the body to access the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual prowess of the feminine essence.

This programme exquisitely reaches a depth of healing in you that will alchemise your life.

You will heal your inner relationship with the feminine and masculine so that relationships are transformed on the outside . A full blooming of your rose essence and a sublime submission to the Divine.

Collette has spent years working with the Feminine, developing healing tools, magical meditations, sacred ceremonies, rituals of empowerment, alchemising the female shadow, guiding women into their power ... Supporting women to BLOOM.

This series of work will contain the whole magical feminine box of tools, that you will have forever, enabling you to flower, open to the world around you to the exquisiteness of your rose essence

The Roses of Feminine Essence

There are layers to all women, layers of healing, unfolding, opening until we can fully bloom. Rose Alchemy recognises the layers that need peeling back to delicately reveal your true essence. The programme moves you gracefully through the layers. Each Rose essence is a 7 week online programme.

Pink Rose - Healing the feminine

Red Rose - The Sacred Sexual body

Blue Rose - Healing your relationship with the masculine

Violet Rose - Empowering the feminine

Black Rose - FeminineSubmission

Golden Rose - Heiros Gamos

Take a look at the gallery below , details of what will be covered is in each Rose is outlined. The courses will be taught once only by Collette and then will be taught by women who are have gone through the courses and trained to guide others. The courses will also be available without guidance.

A really important element of the series is the embodiment of the work you do, moving somatically what needs to be released from the nervous system and embodying the realisations and changes that come, creating space that has been newly acquired. I will be offering a ROSE YOGA TEACHER TRAINING PROGRAMME in June 2020 France, for those interested in working with women this way.

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Collette starts the Journey of the Red Rose on August 27th 2020, more details are here. Be quick in registering for this as she will only be taking a small group of women through.

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