Feminine wound of Mary Magdalene.

This is a four week journey into the feminine wound of the Magdalene.

I see so many claim to 'channel' or even be the Magdalene and with this i always feel a certain energy of disassociation from the self, a place of claiming her , taking her away from other women... the truth is that the Magdalene energy can be received by us all , all women are the conduits of her teachings. We do not need a middle man , we just need the sacred vaccum in which we can connect . This is what i offer to open here, through my own connection , so that it may awaken or deepen yours.

Mary Magdalene is not an external icon that is to be worshipped, she is very internal to our own divine blueprint and devotional feminine self. She is a felt experience, an embodying journey deep into the DIVINITY OF YOUR OWN SELF.

This journey will take you through a line of your own inner enquiry, to search for your own answers and allow the energy of The Magdalene to work through you .

We will cover :





Transmissions (can be purchased separately @ £33) are recorded and will be accessible through the secret group on facebook to help support and embody the process with others. Emails can be sent if you don't have a facebook account.