The Healing Room

Situated in Le Temple De La Rose, Haute Vienne, France, The Healing Room is a sacred space of nurturing and restoration. This special space is where Collette and Marlon offer a variety of healing sessions. The room is conducive to a healing environment; An open fire , beautiful decor, plants, crystals, warm oils, soft towels, luxury created to allow you to fully relax and enjoy the experience. You will leave the Healing Room feeling like a new person, that we promise.

Collette's Offerings

Mind body therapy sessions, € 75.00 per hour

Yoga one to one sessions, € 50.00 per hour

Crystal harp sound healing sessions, € 40.00 per hour

Chakra healing sessions, € 75.00 per hour

Yoni steaming, € 45.00 per hour

Womb yoga and activations € 75.00 per hour

Ancestral healing € 75.00 per hour

Clairvoyant readings € 75.00 per hour

Marlon's Offerings

One to one yoga sessions € 35.00 per hour

Chakra yoga healing sessions €40.00

Small group yoga sessions € 10.00 per person

Beginners pranayama (breath work) € 35.00 per hour

Painting of spirit guide € 50.00


Energy healing massage € 35.00 per hour

Swedish massage € 35.00 per hour

Herbal massage € 40.00 per hour

Magnesium muscle massage € 40.00 per hour

Caspar's Offerings