January is really a power month , it’s a month that’s asking us to choose.

What do we really want?Are we living what we really are about?

Last year was a year about making the right choices and the wrong choices: We may have taken choices that took us right off our path and we have been dealing with the consequences of that. We may have made choices that really gave us the va va voom that we need to excel this year.

Whichever way you went, it’s not too late to really use this collective energy to move through your current situation. January 10th sees a very potent Lunar eclipse and you get until then to close doors on behaviours, situations, mindsets that have not been for your higher good. CAN YOU NAME THEM- make sure you are fully aware of what they are, no hiding from yourself?

January 20th will see a whole different energy arise , that will lead you into the make or break, depending on the choices/changes that you made.Power is rising, that includes power to the tyrannous as well as those who wish to do good with it. We have to make space, time and effort to channel this energy and use it for what is good... if those that take these energetic opportunities to syphon the power to gain desires from places that will continue to thirst, why can’t we take that energy for things that will do good?

Because generally people who want to do good sit in their powerlessness.... they don't want those things the power hungry want, so they shy away from it . Gaining the POWER available isn't just about gain , it’s about creating change. If those who's hearts sit in the conscious pool of wanting to see a better future on this planet, harvested this energy ... Imagine.

There is so much out there in the spiritual community coining in on your wounds... get a man, get a king, get a queen, get more allure, get more money , get more sales, get more this , get more that. It makes me laugh, it’s no different than the way big brain washing designer brands go about getting money from consumers. The energies of power for the good of all are getting thwarted and cloaked and you have to have your wits about you to see where this is happening- many who teach this will believe they are doing it for the greater good but hidden underneath that is their tyrannous self, colluding with their own wounds and this will draw on yours.

Where are those who really care ? where are those who really want to see massive changes in themselves on a different level in this world spiritually ? I know where they are : sitting on the side lines, hiding in their shadow. They too are cloaked by their unworthiness and the wounds that keep them playing small because they believe playing big is about gaining matter.

So what’s being revealed in this time line is a place for those who are really working for the greater good, grounded in themselves and their wounding’s, not deluded by ideas of grandiose, or escaping their bodies to live in false ethereal realms, but those really taking the inner journey into their wounding’s and the way the darker archetypes within them play out.

I am dedicating this year to really supporting those who are hiding, those who wish to discover the darker aspects that are waiting to alchemise into their true power and not power that wishes to gain; still drawn by the ‘Gucci handbag’ or ‘the more money I have the happier I will be’ or ‘ the more followers I have the better I am’ ‘or I want to be a well-known blah blah’… but power that wishes to do the BIGGER WORK ON THIS PLANET.

The Dark Sacred Rose Temple is dedicated to this work.

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