Le Temple De La Rose

Retreat Centre, France.

The search for a place to call home has taken many years, journeying all over the world I was in search for a space to build a Temple... having travelled from one end of the world to another, offered very tempting lures of land and offers that no one believed I could refuse. My Intuition was too strong to be taken by temptation and I knew deep down in my heart that if the feminine was to truly rise, she would find this place off her own back with her own money that had been created from helping others.

I landed in France, in a special place, in the bowl of a meteorite to create a new rose ley line. The Temple and land called me in , it was easy, so easy and everything landed in it's place. This land, this Temple is very special, it is a place of transformation, it is a place born from a soul calling I could not ignore, it is born of the Divine within me and I am thrilled to share it with others.

The Temple boasts:

A Devotional space of Mother Mary and The Black Madonna

A house/temple made of Rose Granite on a bed of crystal

Sat in a meteorite bowl, that serves us cosmic and transformational energy

It's own Woods with a sacred Grotte and Mother Mary

A Stone Circle

A Vintage Caravan called Daisy for glamping guests

Land full of crystal

A river that flows through the property

A Healing Room

Accommodation in the main property ( sleeps 10)

A ceremonial/yoga/meditation space ( to be built)

Individual woodland Accommodation ( to be built)

Shower Blocks ( to be built)

Sacred sites surround the area , including Black Madonnas and places of devotion to Mother Mary xxx

We will be open in the Summer of 2020 after the completion of our outside Temple space which will sit in the woods and hold all of our events: yoga classes, meditation sessions, lectures, massages, sound healings etc.

We will be open to take bookings from other teachers who wish to teach as the space who will have use of the accommodations and land.