Newsletter January 2020

Well what an intense ride we have all had coming into 2020, lots of energetic doorways opening and closing , supportive and not so supportive energy working with us over the past couple of months. We have hit a breathing space today on the 20th, where what ever we have given attention to try and clear can finally be felt, OR whatever you have not cleared is rearing its very noticeable head.

What ever is happening then know its for growth, we have to have these darker spaces in our life so that we can get the lessons that we need to evolve us into the next stages. If we become a victim of them we can miss the lessons and sit in a quagmire of punishment, even worse we can be in complete denial and pretend our life is all rosey refusing to see what is really going on .If you wear rose tinted glasses , its time to take them off and enter into a deeper state of truth about yourself.

If you are dealing with Trauma then there is different energies that are asking you to find the places you can be held, be witnesses, be listened to and supported. Trauma is a whole different ball game and takes much more loving support, all your lessons and growth are there in your healing and you must listen to your own wise self on how, when and where you receive that.

The 20th marks the day of a new cycle for all of us .. 2020 number magic is all about creating a better life, being more compassionate for yourself and for others, being open and truthful, honouring your feelings, knowing your shadow or your darker behaviours and using these to evolve.

Three key questions to ask yourself:

What does your dream life look like ?

Know it intimately, write a plan, vision board it, make an action plan, goals that you need to achieve in order to get there.

What prevents you from stepping into your dream life?

Know the blocks (and they are always you ) and know that the blocks are what needs healing to get you where you are going. Write them down , and dont forget to have a plan of how you are going to overcome them. FEEL the blocks, emote them , then take action.

How are you going to become devotional in making your dream life happen?

Energy follows intention, what you think about the most, what you do the most, what you feel the most, becomes to manifest your life. If you bring your intention to your dream and become devotional (practice/action/intention) then the energy begins to accumulate there. Think of it like anything else, if you are going to be the worlds best pianist, the whole devotion of your life gears to that, practice, concerts, reading music.. etc. In order for something to become your life, you have to become it.



Here at Le Temple De La Rose, our physical temple space in France. We are always working with our dream; each day a dedication to manifesting this healing space to hold workshops, retreats, virtual courses, sacred transmissions. Whilst in the midst of renovations I am still holding space to write, to guide, to study, to create. We have in the last week completed work on "The Healing Room" a temporary space for physical healing work to take place while we put plans in and wait for the build of the meditation temple to be built in the woods. We have invited our dear friend Iysha to work in the space with us , so along side Marlon they will offer massage and yoga sessions. They are teaming up to offer couples Massage for Valentines day - how lush.


Marlon will be focusing on teaching men and offering Yoga classes and massages to work physically, emotionally and spiritually. This will include a Sunday Mens Circle which will gather at The Mother Mary Grotte in a sacred clearing in the woods of the Temple. Men gather and work with emotions in different ways than women and Marlon will be introducing themes and areas to work on in each session.

Watch out for Marlon's online work too, ORDER OF THE SACRED MASCULINE he has not given up his day job to focus all of his energy on Reaching out to men through his spiritual work , connection to the Divine and his healing journey.


I have been working hard myself on launching a new facet of The Sacred Rose Temple and opened the doors to THE DARK SACRED ROSE TEMPLE where the work I have been doing with my shadow teachers and my shadow self have released a key seed into helping others enter their shadows for their GOLD. I have for a few years now been working with the shadow and the feminine and have been deepening in my own Journey with the DARK MOTHER in all her different faces, it started for me with my work with THE BLACK MADONNA and has now spun into a web of the mythos of the dark feminine archetypes and shadow behaviour. I believe this to be key to the feminine evolution and the prerequisite for the rising of the dark mother to rebirth this world.

I launched on the 13th of January the introductory call to the dark feminine which is available in the facebook group THE DARK SACRED ROSE TEMPLE and will be launching the first month of work on January 21st called 'Unveiling the Twelve'

There will be a DARK ROSE TEMPLE RETREAT ... and I am currently really feeling ROCAMADOUR in France as the site for this retreat and will be confirming the venue as soon as i find somewhere suitable.


I am always busy guiding in my groups and have currently started teaching the second group of Ladies for '13 Roses Re-descovering your sacred sexual self.' , there will be an opening for a new course at the end of this year. I am considering putting on a CHAKRA EVOLUTION 1 course in the spring after requests from those who want to do some further wound/ soul healing and a date will be issued ASAP. I will be informing you of the new courses as they come.




I am so looking forward to the retreats so much this year . The first retreat will be in SRI LANKA where i get to train another amazing group of sacred body workers how to use ancient yoga as a tool to open the physical, emotional and spirit body to healing. As always the people that show to do this training have a deep call to work with others in their healer archetype and these two weeks also afford for them to do some transformational work on themselves. The course delivers the requirements of a yoga certification from YOGA ALLIANCE.ORG so is also an internationally renown qualification.

I have one place left on this training so if it calls you had better be quick ... More information can be found here and on this website here.


I am delighted to be co hosting this retreat with my dear sister Rachael, we have both been pilgrims together into the ancient lands of Southern France on the trail of the Magdalene and we get to share this enchanted journey with you. We have already filled most spaces and have two rooms left ...

"On this pilgrimage of the Rose we will journey deep within your core to unlock and remember the lost teachings of Sophia, Yeshua, Mary Magdalene, Isis and You. For those whispers of the past reside within your sacred heart, your sacred womb, begging you to connect and embody them once more. Together we shall weave our journey across the pentagram, the sacred geometry embedded into the land connecting the powerfull ancient sacred sights for you to receive that, what you came for."


There will be more details of our retreats in the upcoming newsletters.

There is so much available to us , when we come more into alignment with our souls and true nature. You have all the tools available already , you just have to know how to use them. I wish you all a GREAT year of manifesting what your souls are desiring xxx


Collette xxx