One to One Guidance

Collettes sessions are a combination of the powerful healing modalities that she has trained in and discovered over 20+years: Emotional healing, Mind Body therapies, Somatic therapy, yoga, pranayama, meditation, clairvoyance , tantra, womb wisdom, chakra healing and energies, healing energetics, mysticism, life coaching and spiritual guidance.

She has travelled the world helping people across the globe overcome a whole range of issues such as depression, anxiety , mental health , addiction, powerlessness, anger, sadness, grief, loss, lack of lust for life. She has also helped many work with health problems which are always rooted in emotional energetics of the body, often repressed and unknown.

Here one to one sessions are aimed to discover/move/ heal something in you in the hour that you share together. All sessions are conducted through Zoom or facebook audio or video depending on your preference.

The prices for Collettes sessions from 1st March 2020 are :
£111 for one hour
£60 for 1/2 an hour
£150 for 1 1/2 hour in depth deep soul dive

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All payments can be made through paypal