The Embodied Rose

The essence of Sacred Body Prayer

We use the body to get deep into the physical, emotional and spiritual self. We move the body like a prayer, a deep devotion to you and The Beloved. You take time to get into it first of all and take cushions and props you need so that your body can surrender into a position or a movement. You will find that when you are there and you take a big breath to still yourself, cease all movement and drop into the position, you will meet resistance. Resistance is the teacher here, resistance is where you will meet yourself on a deeper level. When you hit somatic (body resistance) it will lead you into an emotion and you will even begin to meet resistance to emote. That’s why resistance is the key as it is showing you where you need to go.

When you meet your teacher resistance, you need to stay with it, breathe into it, drop into it,, surrender to it. It’s not easy at first , but you will start to open pathways into the physical body and open to the emotional, allowing for an emotional release; tears, anger, frustration, grief… ALL emotions are full allowed here. Don’t come out of the experience until the time indicated is up. When the time is up, gently bring yourself out and come into any movement that you body wants to make that is different ( here you are marking a movement forward) If you need to hold yourself, hold yourself. You are freeing yourself from the emotional wounds of your feminine essence that has been holding back. This sequence will assist you in the work we do in the practices and will help go deeper. There is no complete healing ever happens without release from the physical self. This is the essence of The Embodied Rose, to release your true Feminine Fragrance.



Pink Rose Yoga is the first yoga sequence that connects to unfold and work with:

The feminine Pain Body

Image of the Self & the Persona

Mother and Father Imprints

Your Inner Child

Relationship with the Masculine

  Feminine Shadow

 The sexual self


The Embodied Rose CLASSES

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