Spiritual Advancement Fellowship

Sisters and Brothers, you are hereby invited to join this sacred container, where you will be led into a deeper devotion of the self and the sacred.  This is for those of you who have an inner calling to lead a sacred purpose and life. This will be a guided container where Collette will offer devotional practices, ceremonies, calls , meditations, calls and transmissions. ALL of Collettes transmissions are free as a member of this group as is the devotion calls on a Sunday.

This is a safe space where you will join to be guided into a deeper sacred space within the self. You will be given all manner of tools for working in all areas of your everyday and spiritual life. Collette will call out and work to help release unconscious patterns of  self sabotaging and inner conflicts. This is a call for those who are really devoted to making an impact in their own world and in others.

LIMITED SPACES. Monthly donation of £199,  you are free to join and leave as you feel and need. 

Paypal: Colletteoonahcorcoran@gmail.com Spiritual Advancement fellowship