I have been working with Collette for the last 3 years. We have been doing one to one energy sessions and I attended her yoga classes when she was in the UK. All experiences were very powerful and I can certainly say that it changed my life. Collette is a fantastic guide to healing and yoga teacher. She guides you to find the strength and warrior on a deeper, long lasting level and deep release and relief from emotion, physical pain, unhelpful beliefs or thought processes that we hold... Stepping into the witness and observer of the human experience rather than being consumed, confused or angry by it. My life path changed direction when I met Collette and she helped me to find faith in life, myself and others again at a point of great fear and darkness. She also helped me to consciously step into darkness to see the jewels that can be there and how to breathe light, healing and love there and live from the body not the mind and on a soul level. I feel a lot of respect and love for Collette and it is a true blessing and a great honour to know and work with her. She can be tough which is challenging at times but also great and also very soft and with a lovely sense of humour. I would recommend her as a healer, yoga teacher or Yoga teacher training tutor any day.

If you are reading this testimonial then your soul has guided you to Collette and is trying to tell you it’s time to do some work. Don’t miss this opportunity. I am writing this at the end of the Chakra evolution 1 course. Who I am now is the exact opposite of who I was when I looked at other people’s testimonial’s 7 months ago trying to decide if £150 was a bit too much for a yoga course?

This is not a yoga course. This is a soul course. You are here, as is everyone else to work on your soul. During this course you will feel awful, you will hate it and not want to do it anymore and try doing anything else but your practice but you can’t stop Collette and Iysha. Once you are signed in they are there and they never leave you. They might say the exact opposite of what you thought you wanted to hear. But they will never leave and they know what your soul needs.

I have gone to the very depths of despair before and during this course. I started with a new bipolar diagnosis after another manic crisis. I felt I had lost everything including my dignity. Half way through the course I had suicidal thoughts, and went into another crisis. Collette never left, she has always known what to say, her insight, her knowledge and wisdom come from a place I can begin to imagine. I would not be writing this without Collette and this course. I will never be able to thank her enough for this gift of a new life.

I feel as I finish this course I have been reborn, I have said goodbye to 34 year old me, bipolar, mental health and a tonne of medication in 7 months. I am grateful for all of these things as they have enabled me to get to the place I am now.

Thanks to Collette’s continuing soul guidance I now know my soul path, why I am here and why I have gone through what I have. I know what my service is to God. I have no words to describe how happy I am.

If you have got to the end of my testimonial then hopefully you have felt something resonate with you in my story?


Sarah T., UK

Hearing about Collette and chakra evolution resonated with me straight away. When it started however, I was apprehensive, but then when i started to commit to the practice, there was a part of me that had been waiting for this kind learning for a long time coming. Through Collettes guidance i have learned more about myself than i expected, and how to start to try and heal as well. This course is not an answer or a fix for me, but the knowledge, guidance and practices i have received are tools that i will be able to use for the rest of my human experience. She didn't give me the answers but instead pushed me just the right amount to find the truth for myself. And was always there when i strayed. I have noticed so many changes in myself. I believe she embodies all the knowledge that she offers, and speaks truth even if it puts her in the firing line of projection and blame. From my time under Collette’s guidance i believe she puts her love, care and lots of time into designing her work. I believe she really wants the best for humanity and is committed to doing her part. I would recommend her guidance to anyone and everyone. Much love.

Kris Corvino, Australia

My work with Collette started after a major injury occurred in my leg. Attending her regular classes for physiological reasons at the Urban Buddha I started to notice myself becoming more intrigued with the spiritual and psychological side of yoga. Collette was a fantastic down to earth teacher which made it easy for me to attend her classes. I was always put off attending other classes due to the “hippy/peace-loving/positive” stigma that I attached to them as an adolescent. I began attending one to ones, growing in my practice as Collette grew in her spiritual wisdom. She became the person who combined my practices with teachings and advice (some of which I didn’t like the sound of). She spoke the truth to me in a loving but firm way. She shattered the illusions I had of myself as a likeable perfect young man. - and I stopped talking to her because it hurt me. Because I was in denial. I slandered her as many have, we didn’t talk, but my life remained on the same destructive path. I realised there was something to Collette’s method. I attended a retreat which was intense and difficult for me. Out of my comfort zone. From here I grew, and grew. Whenever she mentioned something spiritual or “magical/dimensional” - I doubted it, but time after time I was proved wrong.

Collette began to guide me through a very tough time as part of her online coursework. Chakra Evolution. I debated paying £150 a month - because what I was receiving wasn’t material.... and it required me to trust I was going to change. It seemed once committing to this course the money came naturally . And most importantly , the £150 was now available as I wasn’t spending it in comforts as much... because I was being guided away from drugs, alcohol, restaurants; clothes and other retail comfort spending. This is also what I would have paid for a private health care professional for an hour! (I get this advice now on tap - paying the same price monthly) I went through hell as I was guided through dark paths in the early stage of the course - a necessity to reach your potential. I was guided in knowing it was ok to feel shame regret guilt and sadness as part of being a “yogi”. This is contradictive of many other spiritual classes I had attended. I now feel they are an easy way of glossing over the surface of sadness... with positivity and coping methods. Allowing myself to feel darkness in my life was one of the most difficult things I could not have done without Collette. Overall I have become a better father. I have begun to feel happy without substance again - and my journey continues. I have a deeper respect for women and have seen how my sexualisation of them has deeply affected my life. Something lifted in me recently which made my substance abuse so easy to avoid - and the magical side of yoga - the multi dimensional magic of seeing and feeling beings, energy and God is really starting to show itself. I am so content - this year has been the most difficult but greatest of my life: and I am glad I put my ego and preconceptions aside to join her in her journey.

I look back now at my peer groups and others so similar to me and see this as the only way I could have coped. I am proud to embody and teach her teachings to other young men now.

Liam Breslin, UK

I LOVE Collette. She is a beautiful woman and has been an amazing guide through my soul journey. Every time she touches my soul she reaches the most needed places, highlights, helps me acknowledge and embrace myself with love. She’s humble and compassionate, yet direct and clear. Her true commitment to God and Love is an inspiration. Her guidance is a gift you could give yourself, it is unconditional support and love from a dear friend.

Zarife Uzun, America

I strongly recommend to work with Collette Oonah Corcoran as a guide. She is a very trusted, compassionate guide/healer. She has a very holistic approach where She guides you with truth and love. And supports you on daily basis. 

Zehra Donmez, Turkey

The sessions with Collette are very powerful, the have helped me enormously. She has always held a great space, you feel safe and she has so much compassion that you are able to go to places that you do not trust to go to by yourself. The sessions have always helped me step by step to move closer to my soul, each with different qualities giving me what I needed at that time to keep me moving. I have had incredible support from her through my soul journey, the support extends beyond the sessions. Collette has the ability to move you through your resistances and those places that you are just not willing to see about yourself. The parts that she illuminates in truth have allowed me to be much more humble, much more peaceful and more loving and trusting. I am truly grateful.

Elvan Dikenelli, Turkey

I am so grateful to Collette as she has helped me back to my soul, made me aware of who I truly am, and made me realise what my soul path is! May her light shine all the time.

Aysin Akcinaroglu, Turkey

Collette is not only my guide, she is also my best friend. I have seen her grow and evolve right before my eyes which has been a joy. And our friendship has never interfered with Collette guiding me…and at times has made her guidance more firm! When I began working with Collette I was broken, by life & trauma. All of which I was trying to hide in love & light and a whole lot of spiritual bypassing!

After some time things began to shift for me, I was able to change aspects of my life, with love, support & guidance. It has not been an easy journey and actually feels as though it gets more challenging at times, but I feel totally safe, trusting & nurtured by Collette as a guide. She is always there going above & beyond, ready to help in the midst of a meltdown, and I know this spans to all whom she works with. She does not take ownership of your healing but wholly empowers you to do so, challenging you & pushing all your buttons to trigger growth. Through her deep intuitive knowing & solid connection to God Collette is open, honest & I personally think an angel!!


Iysha Barrett, UK

Thankful I said yes to Chakra evolution online course. Its so much more then yoga and meditation its my new lifestyle from here on. Being apart of a loving forum with incredible guidance from Collette and Jackie passing on their knowledge aiming to help heal oneself and Humanity. In showing up for myself this course is helping me to unravel my traumas and block, feel my triggers, feel and acknowledge my human emotions. I feel how it has shown me parts of myself that were blind spots to me where I use to run and avoid. I feel myself becoming happier, healthier, loving and present. I feel my racing story driven mind quieting down. I feel connected to God and myself. I feel how I am caring, nurturing and loving myself, body and soul. My soul is stepping up, being felt, heard and followed with speaking my truth with love. Feel my words and actions uniting. I feel my body releasing, opening and softening, healing emotionally and physically my spine is straightening, yes I am now even taller. Its hard to put in words the essence of this course it has awakened me and is something if willing you will have to try and discover for yourself. Collette you are so inspiring.

Thank you for every moment. I love you.

Dana Ivosevich, Australia

Words cannot begin to express how deep into my being I went on the Chakra Evolution training. My heart opened so wide and my emotions poured out like a flowing waterfall of release. At one point when I was in the depth of my emotions, releasing what I’ve been holding onto in my body unknowingly, I remember being in a space of complete gratitude and felt so close to the divine. Why hadn’t I heard or known about these teachings earlier ? Life changing to say the least, and Collette holds you in such a safe space, that the raw truth projects you into you own path of healing. I know I can not stop this work now. I’m the happiest I’ve been, the most raw I’ve been, yet I am closer to my soul than I ever have been before, and I want to know myself in a deeper level. Thank you ever so much for bringing your teachings to fruition Collette. And to all the other Chakra Evolution peeps, blessed to have witnessed, shared, cried and held, and spoken truth with you all.

Daiella Lairis