We start this 7 week course on the Thursday the 29th October 2020.

This is an intense dive into your relationship with the masculine, whether you are single or in a relationship. This course will support you in feeling and healing the wounds that you hold within you in connection to relating with the masculine.How to heal so you can find a suitable partner or how you heal the conflicts that are showing in your current relationship.

"Womens'  relationship with the masculine needs to be healed, she must know her wounds with him, the places she does not fogive him, holds anger or hatred towards him. She needs to feel the love that is available to her and what prevents her accessing it."

Collette Oonah Corcoran.

Calling in a new man or your present man so he can connect to you deeply and on a level that your soul desires, requires for you to do the work, for you to lead yourself into the wounds that prevents this.

We start each week with a theme, where we work to explore the places where imprints, wounds, pain , blocks are stored within our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.

Week One The Father

The relationship we have with our father has a huge impact on how we relate to the masculine. If we have an absent father, have been abandoned, have a close or tempestuous relationship it all has an impact on how we relate to the masculine. We will also look at how the man in our life is impacted by his relationship with his father and where we can support or emasculte.

Week Two The Mother

How you see your mother and her relationships with the masculine has an impact on how you see and treat the masculine, the kind of masculine you attract will be a direct result of your mother. There will also be deep ancestral healings to be done here , to enable the karmas and vows to be released.

Week Three Past Relationships

Youur past relationships are lessons that you have been sent to learn about the masculine and yourself, they show you what needs to heal, they show you where you don't love ourself enough, where you settle for less, or where you just settle for less out of the need for love or a man. You will explore the lessons in your past relationships ensuring that you have learnt what was sent so you can go on to new relating, or a deeper connection in your current relationship.

Week Four The Maiden / The Bachelor

The maiden cycle of a woman's life is very important to understand, so that she can see the kind of man she will draw in and how the imprints that have been explored in the previous weeks have impacted (or will impact her ) in this cycle. You will also look at where you still hold traits of the maiden that are detrimental to your relating. The traits that call in the bachelor , exploring the bachelor archetype so we can identify what in us attracts that and see the red flags for that to enable you to enter into a deeper committed relationship. This will also help you support your man if he is holding bachelor behaviour which negatively impacts your relationship.

Week Five The Mother / The Father

The Mother Archetype is explored and examined in this week to support you feel the beauty of this archetype, how this archetype draws in a deeper committed man, a man who is looking for relationship and a woman to combine his energy in life with , to honour and love. The Father archetype of the masculine requires certain traits from the feminine so he can offer this to her... we will go deep into this one.

Week Six The Crone/ The Wiseman

Knowing how The crone is VITAL for women in this world, what the crone archetype looks like , her role in this new world that is emerging is so important. The Crone hold space for the masculine in her womb, she births the new masculine in her love, knowledge, wisdom and power. We have missed eons of time connecting to the ancestors who hold the Crone wisdom and know how to connect to the father so he grows with her into his wiseman. You will explore the crone and connect to her in your lineage so you pass this vital wisdom onto those who come after.

Week Seven Attracting the New Masculine

We as women are creating the new masculinity by the way we behave is now time that we hold the standards, hold the integrity and the wisdom to be able to create a vortex that only allows the new masculine to emerge. What does that look like?how do we create it? how do we support, love and honour the masculine outside of the woundings that have colluded to destroy him?

I am so excited to host this 7 week course, this work is vital in these times and we as women hold such deep space to be the feminine leaders of this new emerging of masculinity and conscious relating.

Each week will include:

A zoom call to lead you through a sacred transmission and coaching session, discussion what comes up for you.

A Weekly PDF with practice and information

A daily practice ( 49 days of sacred practices and meditations)

A forum to share your experiences

Daily guidance from Collette - personal coaching, guidance, therapy and shadow work on the forum page.

Blue Rose Yoga

Support from other women on the same journey as you.


7 weeks €1250

Early bird discount €50 (if paid in full)

Payment plan available

€350 deposit and 3x payments of €300

Payments made Bank transfer or paypal.

Contact Collette to book your place. ( or through contact us on this website.)