The dark has always been associated with evil, badness and the anti of what it is sacred. This was always intentional, this was to make us so fearful of the dark that we did not enter its realms. The DARK is where we go to find GOD, it is where we are born and where we die... it is a magical womb of transformative energy that births our light.

I have been birthing this aspect of The Sacred Rose Temple for some time, i have felt that it impregnated me a few years back when i became aware of my shadow. I have done a lot of work with my shadow self to be able to receive a deeper knowledge that my womb wishes now to express. Recent work with a shadow worker birthed this programme to take those women and men who are ready down a deeper path of shadow alchemy . A concept that hit me like a thunderbolt when deeply entrenched in my shadow feminine archetypes.

You have been invited to this group because the dark feminine has been unveiled in you ... and you are ready to be taken into a deeper place of the dark feminine that will rebirth your light self. The shadow coding of human consciousness needs to be encoded into the light grids and we are a tribe on that mission.

Those of you who feel the dark codes within them... join the mailing list and state your interest, details of our work will be shared soon.

I wrote this over two years ago wanted to share ...

6 December 2017 The world is changing as many of us who are awakened are discovering… we are in the darkest dance of creation; the Kali Yuga, the destruction of the world as we know it and the illumination of the destructive nature of man. We have been brought here to this sacred dance on a soul journey not at observers, but as participants. We are being asked to go with the Dance of Kali, the Dark Mothers, The Black Madonna and all female representatives of The Mother God.

It is through her female nature that a new world can be birthed and the darkness and sleeping state that we have all been in can be shaken and burned in her fires. This is the time of the rising of the DIVINE FEMININE. This energy is heightening every day, she is calling her children, waking them from their sleep and knocking on the hearts of those who have travelled further down the path. She is alive and kicking and waiting for you to connect. I am in Her service .

She needs you to want your illusions of yourself shattered, She needs you to see your destructive, unloving behaviours and the ways you go against LOVE and do not FULLY EMBRACE GOD into your life.IN THE DANCE OF KALI … the shadow in you is rising. The behaviours that you display that are detrimental to you are being shown. The problem is with the shadow is it is rarely you that can catch it, it is often pointed out to you by those people who have worked with it, by those people that have had it pointed out to them and have been humble enough to listen to the other and do something about it.

Those people will be brave enough to speak the truth to you because they too have had swallow the truth and know beyond the fear and the resistance and your NO! that there is love behind what they say and behind the re-conditioning of that behaviour or action. Those that pacify you, are those that fear to step out of their own illusions.The shadow hides from you, it is devious, cunning and destructive.

THESE ARE THE TIMES THAT THE BEHAVIOUR THAT IS BEING POINTED OUT- ARE YOU HUMBLE ENOUGH TO ACCEPT WHAT IS BEING SHOWN TO YOU? Or is your ego in denial, the NO, hiding, the self righteousness? Can you take one minute to feel into … what if they are right? Can you allow in what you might not be able to see or feel?The world will only change if we change on an individual level. We will see a rise in this dark behaviour and the obvious growth of those who are willing to see and those who aren’t.

Collette xxx