Is sacred Activism calling you ? Has something awakened inside you that calls you every single day, a pull that wont let you go? The feeling that you are here for something bigger?
The SACRED ACTIVIST encoding is activating- it is needed in these times of unrest and descent. You are sick of playing small, tired of making your self little , but you know that this pull isn't satisfied by the darker desires of money, popularity and matter... its is something much bigger than that!
Magdalene energy is not just a religious story of a woman who served Christ.. it is a living breathing energy that can be alchemised into potent action in you , it can be tapped into , opened and anchored in your own burning heart.

The Magdalene energy that sings loudly has always been about attaining a better world. Many of us are connecting to her at this time to help with the difficult times we are facing both personally and globally. This Four week sacred space will allow us to work in four portals of recognition, feeling, healing and action. 

Four live/recorded transmissions include:

•Walking the path of darkness into light

•Your inner sanctum

•Helping humanity in this age

•Interconnectedness- the real search for God. •

In this four week course you will access a sacred container where you will be guided into the depth of the transmission.

£133 donation