21 Days Goddess Circle

Spend 21 days in the initiation room of The sacred rose temple; by creating your own place in ‘The Goddess Circle’. This PDF will allow you to journey into a goddess circle everyday. Connecting to yourself in deep way, and delving into the energy of your own inner Goddess essence, with the given practice each day. Spend only half an hour each day (more if you want to) on each practice, allowing it to unfold through your day. Beautiful practices to open and awaken your inner feminine beauty.

Join me Collette Oonah Corcoran for a 21 day sacred practice with The Goddess.  We will be working with the Goddess energies over 21 days.  This circle will gather women for near and far to be able to Practice and hold space together.

Collette will receive insight and messages from the Goddess energies which will be shared in the group on a daily basis, along side the other practices that will be the foundation our daily ceremony together. We will share our experiences on the face book forum. This will be a powerful 21 days when all can unfold when the power of women come together.

On the evening before each day you will be sent your practice, the practices will be a variety of modalities: meditations, activations, energy work, prayers, inspiration writings, ceremonies, rituals, what ever wants to come through for you all. When we energetically come together as a circle of women the results can be profound and completely transformative.  Do the practice in the mornings so that it has time to expand into your day. Read through the practice the night before and then take the practice given to you into your sacred space, or other places that may be specified. The forum is not for guidance or advice but to witnessed in the process of this sacred cycle. Post once a day in the evening after the practice has made its way through you. I will at times guide if I feel there is something important that needs to come through, I also welcome each of us witnessing and commenting on the other women’s posts at least offering a ‘like’. We are here sisters of the circle, so let this begin …