21 Days with Mother Mary


This Sacred devotional practice space will allow you to bathe in the energy of Our Beloved Mother Mary. To create a connection with her compassionate heart and inspirational energy, to allow her to guide you and inspire you in your everyday life.

You will be sent the full 21 day practice as a PDF file.

Nadja Hochreutiner "The 21 days with Mother Mary were deeply transformative and cracked me wide open. My heart has more space, for God, myself and for others. I feel more compassion and love. The compassionate, deeply feminine energy of Mother Mary helped me tap on a deeper level into my femininity. It brought up my mother wound on another layer, shadows and deep sorrows. It brought back memories of how I gathered with sisters in the name of God - I loved to tend my altar daily, caring for it, cleaning and rearranging it in a deeply feminine way, honoring Mother Mary and the divine. By doing so, I deeply nourished my Soul. She brought a deep longing to connect with Mother Father God and helped me to overcome the separation church/religion brought onto us. She made me see that by honoring her and God and tapping back into the old energy of the rosary, altars, churches and prayers I can drop into a deeper place free of religious dogma. I used to feel excluded in the prayers as it is all about men and God the lord. Connecting with her in these 21 days she helps me stand firmer as a woman and makes me want to take action to be of service to God and to humanity. The daily practices were drawn up in such an intuitive and beautifully feminine way by Collette Oonah Corcoran - it all felt so fluid - so soft, so powerful in its feminine essence. Feeling deep gratitude for this 21 days with Mother Mary, for Collette, for all the sisters on this intimate forum."