Sacred Tantric Dance

Collette has trained in India with Tantric Teacher Deva Vibha to teach this Ancient, ceremonial, sacred, Temple Dance, danced by the Priestesses of long ago. This dance has never been seen through the eyes of men, only through the heart of a woman. This is a dance unlike all others: you do not dance, but rather, you are danced by the Beloved. This is a tantra taught and brought only by those who have danced it before. It will awaken the feminine essence in you, it will empower you to shake the old from your skin and birth the new woman in you.

We have forgotten who we are, we have forgotten the power that lies in our wombs, hearts and psychic centers: we are women and all of us were born to live with these powers.

Find the courage to come to the dance.. and nothing will remain the same.

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