The Black Madonna

She is the Black Rose, She is the Mother, the representation of all that is dark; She is the mother that we call upon when we want radical change in our life, when we want to go deep into ourselves and deep into God. To journey with The Black Madonna is not easy, she is known for her ferocity, her savageness in ripping away the parts of you that deny you God. She is the strict Mother pointing her finger at you to show you the ways you lead which are dark. She is the strict mother who’s love for you is never ending, unconditional, ever lasting; she NEVER gives up on you. She is right by your side through the darkness, guarding you, allowing you to see, showing you the corners where love has not been able to grow. I LOVE HER energy and through her have been better prepared for the dark times, I have sat with her in my own messy darkness with my blackened hands and heart and prayed for her to help me. She never failed me.  I bring this to those that are ready for a deeper experience, those who are prepared to look into the pit of their own inner darkness and jump in. She is a symbol of your shadow self and you are here wishing to enter or delve deeper into this part of you. 

Everything exists within polarity until it becomes one. One with God. Mother Mary and The Black Madonna are the polarities of light and dark, their energies are here for us to be able to be guided to each, to learn about our inner light and dark and to ultimately

 be led out of the dark with their help. They are here to assist us, this is their role in their atonement with God, to help all of their children. Their hearts are infinite as they are the hearts of God.

The Black Madonna is said to be a direct representation of ISIS, the many figures that appeared all over the world of ‘The Black Mother’ have been mysterious to say the least. The figurines, that of a black woman and child are thought to be the dark representation of ‘The Mother’ Isis and Horus, Mary and Jesus, Mary Magdalene and Sarah etc.  ISIS was known to ‘prevail through the force of love, pity and compassion and her personal concern for sorrows’ The figures began to appear all over the world, mostly prominent in France (over 500) where they are said to represent the embedding of the sacred divine feminine. These figurines may have been brought from distant land by sages, prophets and holy men, containing wisdom and knowledge which could be accessed by those who devoted themselves to her. Many stories claimed that when the figurines were found (in fields, trees, the earth etc.) that they would remove them and place them in their homes only to find they returned to the places where they were found! Many of the shrines dedicated to her were built upon the land she was found. Others such as Chartres Cathedral in France was marked by many as a unique energy point of divine feminine energy, a place where the virgin energy of a woman was so strong that many came to pilgrimage to the site until a cathedral was built in total silence over 26 years and two black Madonna’s placed there.  There are stories of hidden Black Madonna’s, the Vatican is said to home over 50, painted white and hidden in the vaults. The Church so in fear of the power of this most magnificent and majestic of mother. 

I have personally been on a crusade in France to visit Black Madonna sites, very organically feeling her call and then finding myself near enough to visit her. Each Black Madonna holds a different frequency, a different energy. Your experience with her will be unique too. For those of you who wish to journey with her energetically, I have written mediations for each of The Black Mother’s I have journeyed to so that you can all connect to her in your own way, in her different ways. 

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Meditations in this series (click to order):

The Lady of the Pillar of Chartres

The Lady of the Crypt of Chartres

The Black Mother of Toulouse

The Black Virgin of Meymac

The Black Queen of Rocamadour

The Black Mother of Limoges

The Beautiful Black Mother of St. Quentin