The Sacred Rose Initiation

Available as Audio and PDF

Collette Oonah Corcoran invites you to join her for ‘The Sacred Rose Initiation’. You will be lead through a sacred ceremony to be initiated in the the lineage of The Sacred Rose. This lineage has many facets, callings, gatherings and names; we are unified in the knowledge that we are the mystical women who carry the seed of the Holy Sophia in our wombs and hearts. We are the women who remember the powerful Gnosis that we innately carry within us, a deep remembrance of our devotion to the Mystical Rose and our connection and service to the Divine. We are the Goddesses that they blackened, the priestesses that they murdered, the mystics that they slandered, and the witches that they burned. We are beginning to remember who we are, we are crawling from our sleepy graves, emerging from the ashes and awakening to our truths. We are returning , with an active passion to recover our divine missions.
Collettes divine devotion to this sacred lineage and souls mission to awaken women to their true power forges the way in this the first of many calls to bring all that are called forward to THE ROSE TEMPLE.