The Thirteen Roses


Collette is a clairvoyant/clairsentient who works with people on an individual basis guiding them into their own soul healing and awareness of their ability to identify their own souls wounding and power to heal. Her sessions have transformed peoples lives and she has many clients who use her spiritual guidance, to awaken their own soul purpose. She is very passionate in empowering people to be of service to themselves and others.
Her thirst for all that is sacred led her to live a nomadic lifestyle, travelling for her own spiritual lessons and delivering workshops around the world. She has now settled in France to serve her soul calling and open a retreat centre 'Le Temple de La Rose ' to help empower others into their own empowered healing journey and unique soul purpose. She is deeply rooted in her love for God and believes that all men and women are a direct Conduit for the Divine.

For Collette ‘Tantra’ the method of transformation, was first discovered by her in the yogic tradition, through the transformative impact yoga had on her and the awakening of her Kundalini life force. She observed the obstructions to the kundalini through the suffering and wounded self and she mastered using yoga methods to release and surrender this. This awakening led her into discovering sacred sexuality; the tantric force of our sexual power and healing. She was initiated through the 7 sacred Gates of the womb, awakening her womb and her sacred sexuality. She later became a teacher of the womb work under the guidance of a e tyrannous teacher which led her down a very dark path of her own shadow self. The healing of this, her life as a yogi, combined with her training in Sacred Tantric Dance, opened a vortex for these teachings. It was after a transmission from Mary Magdalene that she received what you are about to receive in this collection of work.

The right of initiation into The Thirteen Roses of the sacred sexual self is every woman’s birth right. The power of her yoni, womb and heart is already hers.

This course will be Begin on the morning of the 11th JANUARY 2019 and end on the evening of 11th OCTOBER 2020. This course is a big soul commitment and will take you very deep into healings and make significant changes to your relationships and love of yourself. It is therefor vital that you commit FULLY to the course into its completion. You will be held very tightly and lovingly as you move through the intense practices. The month donation will be £233 per month.

There will be an option for those who complete this full course to be called to take part in a retreat, to use the materials with other women, in assisting with their own Sacred Sexual Self.

With Love


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