Unveiling the Twelve


This will be a deep transformational exploration into the potent magic of the dark feminine. We will be trail blazing cosmonaut dark workers traveling to the places the majority of the collective, including the spiritual community have not dared to venture.

Each month we will be unveiling our darker psyche, delving into the energetic imprints these unexplored places have created in our world/collective. We will personally begin to lift this from our own being and in doing so lift them from the shadow collective.

The transformation of the shadow is an alchemy that brings Gold and magick for those brave enough to venture into the dark lands.

The immortal consciousness of these archetypes exists to show us exactly what we can heal, all that has disempowered us and all that has taken away our potent world changing magick.

Are you ready to re-claim yours?

  • On the 31st of each month we will start with a LIVE TRANSMISSION , this will deliver to you the myth , which will be shared in a way that it will drop seeds of the underlying moral codes and the revealing of the female shadow. This will be psycho activating.
  • You will be invited into a PRIVATE GROUP on facebook where the following will be shared:
  • A SACRED CEREMONY to allow the seed to grow
  • A daily PRAYRE/MANTRA to feed the piece that needs to grow for you
  • A sacred personal TRANSMISSION do help with the alchemy of the shadow piece that reveals itself to you.
  • Opportunity to discuss what happens after the live transmission , and receive feedback from Collette.

£199 per month