ALIGNING YOUR LIFE AS SACRED SPACE – YOU ARE THE SACRED SPACE!What is it to live your life in alignment with what is sacred or spiritual. In my work with my women’s group , I led them through a meditation/practice to connect to this sacred space that exists within us, to recognise the difference of the feeling of this harmonious, peaceful, aligned felt sense that is at the core of us all. I then set a challenge that we did this practice every morning and allowed our self to try and stay within it. DIFFICULT! yes this was going to be a challenge, but the women I work with have a fire and a thirst for self growth, so for a whole week we set this as an intention, not to bypass our feelings by the way ! To allow ALL emotions and feelings to be accepted by this inner place of sacredness.The beautiful thing about this practice is that it allows us to sense when we are out of it, and how when we are out of our lives are more chaotic, how it can leave us feeling stressed, anxious and overwhelmed.

We gathered to discuss what we found and here it is… we hope it helps you in some way too.

1. INTERNAL NOT EXTERNAL Sacred space is inside of us, we do not need to constantly seek out a sacred site, a sacred place to be in the energy of what is sacred. Sure those places can accelerate what we already feel inside, but they do by no means replace the deeper impact we have when we find that place internally.

Ask yourself: What do you do to find that sacred space within?

2. DEVOTIONAL PRACTICE When we enter into a devotional practice ( a daily practice ) we already begin to become more aligned with the sacred within. By devotional practice, we mean devoting to the self, creating space that allows you to devote to your sense of being at peace even when you are at war with yourself and others! It can be a yoga practice, meditation, tai chi, breathing, playing music. Anything that alters your state into feeling that place of sacredness. If you do this is in the morning you can set a president for the entire day.

Ask yourself: Do you have a devotional daily practice?Is it the same as you have always done ?Can you make room for the new so things can change?

3. NEGATIVE EMOTIONS/BEHAVIOURWhen we are out of sorts, when things are getting to us, if we don’t deal with them and feel them we impact not only our own sacred being and space but others. We can often project all that negative energy on others and really make our own environment toxic. We can blame others, not listen to what is being said to us, enter into denial, create drama, draw on others energetically. If we can enter our sacred space when we are feeling angry, frustrated, rage etc we can allow those emotions some acceptance and operate not from the emotion that may be consuming us. Sacred space allows for ALL emotions, and if we are able to see that only ‘a part’ of us is out of balance and the rest of us is still centred into this scared space, we can handle it in an entirely different way. We can begin to drop the defensiveness , the denial and the defence because we feel safe within our own centre.

Ask yourself: Do you allow your emotions to consume you?Do you project? Deny? Defend? Create drama? take it out on others ?Do you include all that’s ‘negative’ in your sacred space or do you separate it?Can you begin to recognise that these emotions are only part of you?

4. IT INCLUDES YOUR LOVED ONESYour sacred space alignment should not exclude your loved ones and those around you. Its ok to be ‘all at one’ or ‘completely out of sorts’ on your own, but the sacred space includes others too, its about sharing what you are going through, allowing those around you to know when your feelings what your feeling. Bringing into your home, your life, your environment the notion for all to know that you are trying to live in and align in sacred space. We can share with them what it feels like to be in that place and why you want to bring your life in that container.

Ask yourself: Do you share your feelings with others?Are you including others in what you are trying to achieve for yourself?Do you set this as president in your environment?

5. CHALLENGEWhen challenge arises we find ourselves in many different emotions and feelings, we may have default patterns that we enter when challenge faces us: running from it, freezing in it, avoiding it etc. Can we bring in any challenge into our sacred space and realise that its part of it? That the more challenge we face, the more we overcome, the more we see whatever tests and challenges us as part of entering yourself into a deeper sense of sacredness, we can see it and feel it differently.

Ask yourself: Do you put challenge outside of your sacred space?Can you embrace it in your sacred space and gather the strength from this space to meet it?

6. TRUSTIf we can find this space in the midst of what life throws at us, amongst challenge, and our emotions, our behaviours will begin to change, we can find within us a place we can TRUST, we can fall into this place to remind us that we must trust the process as what is needed for our souls growth, to help us release the patterns of self-sabotage, to become safe inside the self. We are often is self-betrayal , creating difficult situations , environments and conflicts and the cure for betrayal is trust. Centring in sacred space every day cultivates the Trust in yourself and in The Beloved.

Ask yourself: Have you found this place of trust deep within your sacred centre?Are you aware of how YOU create the betrayal in your life?

7. THAW OUT Numbness/ shock is a non-feeling state , it is a safety barrier for the nervous system which believes it is safe when it can bring you out of feeling. The sacred space, allows you to more easily thaw out. Spiritual pretence of high states of being is often a delusional tactic the self makes so that it doesn’t have to feel what lies beneath the bypassing. Spiritual bypassing is a place that keeps us from sacred space, from inner alignment. It bypasses the truth of our very wavy emotional boat of being! When we have experienced trauma we go into to the numb, into the unfeeling. Going into the sacred space can really help support yourself in coming into a thaw out.

Ask yourself: Has trauma caused me to become numb and frozen?How can you unfreeze in manageable steps?Do I avoid my emotions and feelings?Do I use a delusional state to try and bypass the truth of what is going on with me?

8. MAKING EXCUSESWe make excuses as to why we can’t enter sacred space. There will always be a reason we can’t , why we can’t live within the sacred alignment we so long for . Usually there is a person we blame, an environment, a subject. It is important to acknowledge your excuses as we all have them.

Ask yourself: is there a person(s) I blame for not being able to enter my sacred centre?Is there an environment that challenges me more to enter this space?What are my excuses and how do I challenge them?

Aligning, doing work on our self is much harder than is put out there in the spiritual bypassing world. Imaging yourself to be ascending in only of light is delusional. As is pretending to be in a higher vibration that anyone else. We are all the same, we are all human trying in this world to recognise we don’t hold the sacred alignment from within. ONLY THEN can we begin to step forward to it. If you feel you hold only sacred space , then you should really look into the illusion you live and try to delve deeper into the darker psychology of why you feel that. Only from WHERE AM I NOT can be begin to ascend.

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