We are in an intense period in the run up to the total lunar eclipse on the 21st of January.
There is a collective energy of dark narcissism, recently highlighted by the 10-year challenge, where people are posting pictures of themselves (oh yes another excuse for that blasted selfie!) it has really shown me many things about our collective state:
The growing state of being blindly led by these social media trends and people not sitting with feeling into why they may have been created. There are many theories about, one that it collects facial recognition algorithms… which I personally feel to be true to be used as a control of the darker matrix.

Article: 10 year challenge on facebook intelligent algorithms aside are we the product again?

Article: 10 year challenge fun and games or something more?

However, what I feel is that people absolutely love a selfie for the reasons I have explored in past posts and so have other teachers such as Bernard Guenther, who writes in depth about the control matrix and occult forces

Articles of Bernhard Guenther

"In the last 10 years, we have seen a rise in selfishness: selfies, self-absorbed people, superficiality, self-degradation, apathy, and self-destruction. So I challenge all of you to take initiative to change this programming. Instead of celebrating the ego, let's flip the script and celebrate the heart. Let's put the ego and celebrity culture to sleep, and awaken the conscience."

Suzy Kassem

In the posts I have witnessed many images of people who have had vast work on their faces; teeth done and whitened, nose jobs, Botox, lip fillers, full contour make up, and other people commenting “oh you haven’t changed’ or ‘you have aged well!’ It certainly triggered me into feeling deeper into what was being shown and where I myself have bought into this. I feel a deep sadness for the way in which we are solely focused on our outward appearance, the way we look, how much we care about whether our teeth are white enough, our eye lashes long enough, our nose straight enough, our faces smooth enough, our breasts big enough. The world has gone crazy, absolutely insane and obsessed by appearance. As adults we lead and allow our children to be inspired by celebrities and people like the ‘Kardashians’, and then complain when they get work done or ask for expensive things, are lead astray by others or the celebrity elite! I find it deeply disturbing that we as adults are not taking full responsibility to stop these occult forces getting to our children. I find it deeply disturbing that we don’t ever own that we may have caused this, too quick to blame the Ex wife or our children’s peers, or the TV (although it plays a part – we have placed the TV in their life.) It is so important to take ownership and do the work to feel where WE have allowed the darkness to infiltrate our lives and our children’s lives. We need to get out of the ego traps of defence and blame and come into ownership and change.
Can you truly own your intention? Can you upload that selfie and investigate honestly why?

• I want to be seen
• I need attention
• I look really good on this picture
• I want people to tell me how good I look
• I want to piss off my other half
• My makeup is so good it doesn’t even look like me, I wish I looked like this really but I will post this so people think I do.
• I look really skinny on this
• I look happy on this picture even though I’m struggling and dying inside.
• I ‘look’ spiritual on this picture
What ever it is… WHY? What is the truth of why you have posted the selfie? Can you investigate into your own behaviours and see what part of yourself is crying out?

I certainly have loved to see the opposition in play where those who are battling hard against this darker force have begun the campaign #10yearchallenge which directs us the see where we will be in 10 years time if we don’t begin to look after our planet and change the way we behave. This is where we should be directing our attention.
Our children and the next generation feature greatly in 2019. We are trying to OWN our failings, wounding and sufferings so that we can correct this for the future generations. Can you own up to the fact that your children are inspired by the dark elites because you haven’t in some way haven’t shown them an alternative? Can you honestly say that you have put in front of them inspirational people who’s lives are made famous by the good that they have done in this world? Can you even name on both hands people who have done this and even you know of?

Have you created the environment in which they have thirsted for things that they can’t afford, for a life of constant want, which as we know will lead them into a miserable life of desire and lack of fulfilment? Or have you shown them where they can seek fulfilment in the simpler things in life: such as nature, great literature/poetry/art, the thirst for knowledge, caring and helping others? Our children are moulded by nature and nurture and how they are/behave/act is a direct impact of the way we nurture them. Sit with this and try to own your part in this greater darkness that shows itself in our world and in your life. This is the investigation that leads to change. Here there is no need for punishment, no need for guilt trips and victimhood, but an absolute place where your realizations can inspire change in deeply entrenched patterns in your life and your children’s to change for the better.

This is how we change, we try to see the lies and how we deceive our self. This is showing itself as a significant shift of energy in the run up to the eclipse. How do you lie to yourself? And how do you lie to others? The liar in all of us is one of the major blocks in our lives, it is detrimental to our very being and sense of self. We are closed to criticism, closed to opinion, closed to hearing about the ways in which we are not loving. This year is truly about LISTENING to the critique, watching the liar in yourself sabotage your life. You are all currently in a situation where you are lying to yourself, where you are unable to see the truth because you don’t want to … where is this in your life? Are you willing to see the truth?
My one to one sessions and guidance with people has intensified they find themselves in the crucible’s of change and important decisions. Everyone is a bit ‘wobbly’ a ‘bit defensive’ and certainly guilty of ‘lying to themselves’ there are important decisions to be made and whether or not you deal with your emotions before making them will most certainly have impact on the outcome. Unresolved anger or impulse decisions, because you feel that you have been wrongly treated will most certainly end up being the wrong decision. Exploration of the anger and the trigger and emoting will certainly drive you to a much clearer and wiser decision. So be very mindful of this when it creeps up in the coming days – or has come up and may have been handled in the way where you repressed your feelings. Remember all can be corrected with a deeper knowledge of the self and a slathering of humility.

This time in our world is truly pulling on our soul to be more inward centred, less outward focused and to be alert to the forces that try to pull us out of the true soulful self and into the false narcissistic, self obsessed, deceitful, desiring self.
With love

Collette Oonah Corcoran

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